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      - Antoine de Saint Exupery

Today is Monday - September 25th, 2017

On This Day In History:

Island of Lost Toys

1913 - Chaplin signs with Keystone

24-year-old Charlie Chaplin signed with Keystone, a film company known for its silent comedies. He made more than a dozen movies in his first year at a salary of $175 per week. It wasn't long before he was also writing and directing his films.

Chaplin refined his signature character, the Little Tramp, and moved to the Essanay Film Company in 1915 for $1,250 a week, plus a $10,000 bonus. The following year, Chaplin was with Mutual Films making $10,000 a week, plus a $150,000 bonus. His contract required him to make 12 films a year, but granted him complete creative control over the movies. Chaplin founded United Artists Corporation in 1919 with Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and director D.W. Griffith.

Celebrating Birthdays Today:

Michael Douglas
Born in 1944

Mark Hamill
Born in 1951

Christopher Reeve
Born in 1952

Heather Stewart-Whyte
Born in 1970

What Happened on Your Special Day?

I became a fan of "today in history" information when I was very young. My father had a calendar that he had put together of "reasons to celebrate". If anybody asked "what are we celebrating?" my father could check his book and come up with a reason to celebrate for any day of the year. Charlie Chaplin's birthday, Buster Keaton's birthday, the anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, for every day of the year, my father's calendar had some interesting historical event that had occurred.

With this page I have tried to continue the tradition. Generally, I prefer to include birthdays and anniversaries of positive, uplifting, life affirming people and events that have had particular significance in my life. It's here because it was important to me.

I am trying to continually update with links from stories to other relevant sites. Check back regularly for a story on something interesting that happened on this day in history.

There are many, many, sites out there that have a lot of "this day in history" information. Many are not so great, full of inaccurate information and "negative vibes". However, there are a few that are really fabulous. Here are links to a few of my favorites. These sites feature "Today in History" stories for today, and some include archives that will enable you to look up information for any other date in history that is special to you:

This Day in History
The History Channel tells you what happened in Automotive, Civil War, Cold War, Crime, Entertainment, General Interest, Literary, Old West, Vietnam War, Wall Street, and World War II history for today or any day.

Life Magazine Covers
Life offers a look at covers from this day in history.

New York Times: On This Day
Lists events which occurred on each month and day of the year throughout history. Links to New York Times articles on the events when available.

Today in History
Stories and pictures from the American Memory historical collections of the U.S. Library of Congress.

The Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database claims itself to be the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet. I'm not sure if it really is, but it is huge and has TONS of info on even the most obscure films, movies stars, directors, producers, etc. If it is motion picture related, you can probably find out something about it at this site.