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Troy Sutton - Soundtracks: 1990 - 2001

Troy Sutton:
Soundtracks: 1990 - 2001

Produced by Troy Sutton at Island of Lost Toys, San Francisco. This is basically a "best of" collection of soundtracks recorded for various animations, short films, and performance art projects between 1990 and 2001.

Here are a few free .mp3 files from the album for you to download and share with your friends.

Troy Sutton .mp3 files:

Thought I'd Call.mp3

Fighting Fish.mp3

Optic Interstate.mp3

Thought I'd Call was put together one summer after receiving some wonderful, long answering machine messages from a very dear friend who was living in London at the time.

Fighting Fish was put together as the soundtrack to a dance piece that took place in the very trendy, San Francisco performance art scene of the early 1990's - let your imagination run wild with the images of beautiful dancers draped in flowing purple silk - the performance was something like that.

Optic Interstate was one of a number of soundtracks written for a few friends in the computer animation department at San Francisco State University. This particular animation was a very organic ship flying through the "net" and doing all the nasty little things that a little packet of information might do out there in cyberspace.

Music Matt

Music Matt:
Good Day

Matt Fisher - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard
Nate Kingham - Guitar
John Rose - Bass
Troy Sutton - Drums

This was the third project I have done with Matt and it is by far one of the most rewarding of my career. Songs for children with positive lyrics and catchy tunes that parents can enjoy too!

Troy Sutton Drums

Aimee Porter

Aimee Porter:

Aimee Porter - Vocals/Guitar
Kit Ruscoe - Guitar
Yukimasa Kasuya - Bass
Troy Sutton - Drums

Aimee's self proclaimed brand of Smart Ass Chick Rock is slowly sweeping the San Francisco music scene. Her album should be out soon but don't wait for the album, get out and see her play live.


Music Matt

Mathew Fisher Project:

Matt Fisher - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Amy Anne - Vocals
Matt King - Guitar
Hence Phillips - Bass/Vocals
Troy Sutton - Drums

There is a brilliant recording somewhere out there of at least one of the show's that we did. If you happen to find it, let me know.

King Bradley Fisher Group

King Bradley Fisher Group:
Make it Happen

Group Members
Bradley Hill - Vocals
Matt Fisher - Guitar/Vocals
Matt King - Guitar/Vocals
Lisa Corpuz - Vocals
Rachael Santos - Vocals
Nate Kingham - Keys/Vocals
Rich "Kaz" Kazanjian - Bass
Troy "Magic" Sutton - Drums

21st Century Groove Ultra Soul Music for the Universal Individual. KBF shows defined the word Party. Complete with beautiful people dancing half naked on the bar. What more could you want?

Here is a free .mp3 file of a sweet little Christmas song we put together for the holidays a few years ago. I hope you will download it and share it with your friends.

KBF .mp3 file:

Lovely Christmas.mp3

Nus - Inside is the Only Way Out

Inside is the Only Way Out

Produced by Bill Laswell
Recorded at Greenpoint Studios, NY

Percy Howard - Vocals
Steve Sullivan - Guitars
Rich Kazanjian - Bass
Troy Sutton - Drums & Percussion
Engineered by Oz Fritz

"Inside is the Only Way Out" at

We had a really great time recording this album at Bill Laswell's place in New York. recording started around noon so i had a few hours each morning to do some sight-seeing. One morning I had a nice stroll through the Museum of Modern Art, another day was a stroll across the top of the Twin Towers. Our last night in New York happened to be the final game of the world series that year, and we enjoyed the thrill of being at some sports bar in Times Square to watch the Yankees win.

Nus - Live in Bari, Italy

sub rosa sessions > bari october 1996

Recorded Live at Teatro Nuovo Palazzo, Bari, Italy. October 8, 1996

Percy Howard - Vocals
Steve Sullivan - Guitars
Rich Kazanjian - Bass
Troy Sutton - Drums & Percussion

This album was limited in production and now out of print.

Here's a free .mp3 file of a song we played that night, but was not included on the CD. I hope you will download it and share it with your friends.

Nûs .mp3 file:


There's really nothing quite like playing music in Italy! The fans in Bari were absolutely LOVELY! and they treated us wonderfully.

Pieces of Lisa

Pieces of Lisa:

Tom Pierce - Vocals/Guitar
Geoff Stansfield - Bass/Vocals
Troy Sutton - Drums

The Second Pieces of Lisa album saw the band transition into a heavy hitting club favorite. Geoff Stansfield took over on bass and the music we were playing evolved into something much harder, sliding comfortably into the San Francisco indy scene that also brought you the likes of Faith No More, Primus, 4 Non Blondes, Buckethead, Etc.

Pieces of Lisa - The Great Idaho Potato Famine

Pieces of Lisa:
The Great Idaho Potato Famine

Tom Pierce - Vocals/Guitar
Dave Frey - Bass/Vocals
Troy Sutton - Drums

The first Pieces of Lisa album made a minor splash in the college radio circuit climbing into the top 100 list of a few dozen stations during the fall of 1990. You might still find a copy at a used record store near you or buried in the stacks of your local college radio station.

The Dalai Lamas

The Dalai Lamas:
Some Songs

This band had a dozen names in half as many months - the members were:

John McCrea - Vocals/Bass/Keyboards
Joe Snook - Vocals/Guitar
Troy Sutton - Drums

I had a pleasant smile recently which made me decide I needed to include this band in the list. The DJ on a radio station announced a "world premier" song. Sure enough it was "Never There" by CAKE - a song that the three of us had originally recorded in Joe's living room over 15 years earlier. It's nice to know that a good song can still become a hit so many years after it is written. My admiration to John for such perseverance against the machine of the music industry and finally succeeding at his long time dream.